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Stories of an ambitious tropical girl in pursuit of her passion and dreams.


Find out all about my projects and my advocacy towards women and youth empowerment and civil society.


Feeling lost? My tips on how to get through challenges from getting a visa to finding good places in the cities I've lived, and everything in between.

Civil Society advocate

It wasn't always easy. From Manila to London, know my contributions towards the civil socety.

Currently: in London

Fancy to know how it's like to line in the world's greatest melting pot?


A successful project management professional with Master's degree in International Relations and demonstrated history of working in international organisations, customer service and management industries.

Networking & Partnerships

Proven track record of establishing and developing sustainable partnerships with decision makers from educational institutions, organisations, multiple grant funders from trusts, foundations and the corporate sector.

Project Management

Worked with top global firms and delivered a high-level EU business delegation to SE Asia. Executed quality education-centered programmes for students and professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Professional background

Customer Service and outcome-based management as career foundation. Experienced in fundraising and marketing via networking, close contact & pitch meeting, social media etc. Learn more!       


List of my key achievements in the past since 2009.


See what people say about me and myprojects.

Latest Projects

Graphic design works at IDEA

See the posters, fliers, other materials I designed.

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Youth-centered activities

See updates on the youth activities I'm iinvolved in.

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China Women's Film Festival

See the CWFF website.

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Houses of Parliament Youth Debate

See what happened at the youth debate.

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